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In the Garden

So I think the Genesis 2 account is really neat. Basically, in Genesis 1, God creates the various stuff in the world, and deems it good. But after God makes Adam out of dirt, he says “It is not good … Continue reading

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Why Living Alone is a Culinary Train Wreck. No, really.

Now I’m sure you’re all familiar with being economical. It runs with the times, and, in my case, the age and income bracket. Like being on a college budget. Only less. I realize I never really introduced the idea behind … Continue reading

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Hallelujah, all I have is Christ.

Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what He has done for my soul. – Psalm 66:16 Surely our God is knowledgeable. He knows the heights of the heavens, and the depths of the sea. … Continue reading

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Fairer Still

Living in Minnesota really teaches you about the value of spring. I mean, in New Zealand, the plants truly came out at springtime, regardless of the weather. But compared to MN, this so called “weather” is exceeding mild. For example, … Continue reading

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By the waters of _______ we lay down and wept when we remembered ___________

Imagine your favorite place, that place where you feel complete. Your home. Now imagine seeing that place ransacked and destroyed. In the OT, the Jewish people experienced the destruction of their holy city, after which they were forced into exile. … Continue reading

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Caught in the Middle is my mind

So you know I love Project 86. I really don’t know much about music genres, except what I read in iTunes, what people tell me, and what I painstakingly read on wikipedia. Wikipedia says that P86 is a “rock” band, … Continue reading

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Take me out to the…. no wait.

So apparently I am now a person who like, watches sports or something. The other day Ben called me up and was like oh hey we need girls for the TCC softball game on Friday, can you come? And I, … Continue reading

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Meet: Doug

Doug is Becky’s bike. Doug is happy today. Doug went out today Doug went down a big hill. All the lights were green. Doug went very fast. Doug is happy. But Becky is not happy. Why? Becky could not find … Continue reading

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Make the floor vibrate

The Twin Cities Skins and Punks (TCSP) apparently has a fairly regular Punxfest. And as a self-proclaimed aspiring punk, I thought I oughtta check it out. So I got all decked out in camo, leather and chains (Alas, no Mohawk … Continue reading

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To the King! To Restoration!

Am I beautiful? Am I useable? ~ The Killing Lights, by AFI So way back in the day, I guess when I was a kid, I read this book called “Tales of the Kingdom.” It’s a potent allegorical collection of … Continue reading

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