Make the floor vibrate

The Twin Cities Skins and Punks (TCSP) apparently has a fairly regular Punxfest. And as a self-proclaimed aspiring punk, I thought I oughtta check it out. So I got all decked out in camo, leather and chains (Alas, no Mohawk tho), and went down to Station 4 to see what the fuss was.

I could hear the music from a block away. =)

They had earplugs on sale at the door, but really, if I had wanted some, I would have brought my own. Plus, it’s a punk fest! It’s meant to be loud. Not to mention that it’s epically awesome to listen to music that makes your chest cavity vibrate. \m/

The thing with local bands though is like only three people have ever heard about them. Station 4 is not that big a venue, but there was seriously only 20 people there, and half of them were in the bands.

The first band that played had a singer with a nice voice, but who couldn’t exactly carry a melody. But that’s ok, right? Because they were basically just shrieking!

The next band that played was better than the first, and hilarious. The drummer was awesome enough that he really seemed like the leader and face of the band. But there was a fair amount of good natured teasing too. Like this:

Band: “Leech is tired!”
Drummer (Leech): “F* you!”

(As a side note, one reason I prefer Christian artists is that every other word is NOT the F word. I think it makes the music better that way, don’t you?)

So then the third band was composed of Leech, the second band’s drummer, but this time as lead guitarist and singer, and then a girl on drums, and someone on base. They actually told their band name, and the names and information about their songs, which definitely increased repeatability and enjoyment. For example, they played a song called “Zombilicious” that had a chorus that went something like “Brains! Brains! Brains!”. They had some song they said was about abortion too, though I couldn’t understand the lyrics well enough to make heads or tails of it. They also did some cover songs too.

I would have bought their CD, but they didn’t have any on sale, so I had to settle for a couple of patches, and a TCSP punxfest tee shirt.

Song: Puppet by TFK

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