Take me out to the…. no wait.

So apparently I am now a person who like, watches sports or something.

The other day Ben called me up and was like oh hey we need girls for the TCC softball game on Friday, can you come?

And I, evidently possessed by some unknown force, said yes.

So they picked me up today at like 7.15pm, and we went to the place where you play these sorts of sports, and Ben tried to get me to warm up and use a glove and catch a ball and stuff.

And I spent my time trying to remember the last time I’d played a team sport. And as it turned out what I came up with was CTFIT! Win! But then the next question became when was the last time I’d played a team sport that involved a ball… Yeah I still have no idea. ((Does watching a pickup game of cricket count? Please? Then I could at least count the years on one hand…))

And the sun was a beautiful flame ball:

…while I wondered how we would play in the dark. (read: big floodlights)

As our 8 o’clock game time showed up, so did a bunch more people, and enough girls that I could be a happy spectator instead. And Bethany even brought popcorn! She hand popped it, and put salt, pepper and mustard on it, which was super tasty.

And then I talked to our local Australian about Aussie rules football, and American, Australian and Kiwi sports more generally. For example, what really is the difference between Aussie rules and rugby and rugby league? (read: I still have no idea.) Meanwhile I got halfway decent at keeping track of what inning we were in, while pondering how American sports such as baseball, have spawned much more appealing fashion than other countries’ sports I know about. (I mean really, what does cricket have to offer to fashion when everyone wears white?) Besides, you know what they say about those famous quotes – they’re either from Shakespeare, the Bible or Baseball.

And all of a sudden our game was over, and it was time to be social! We debated where to go for a while, and finally settled on (one of the) local Irish pubs, Pat McGoverns. I say one of many because as you know St Paul started off as Irish Catholic. Back in the day it was called Pig’s Eye, because that was the name of the bar owner guy who served the soldiers at Fort Snelling. Aren’t you glad the Catholics came along and changed the name?

But, honestly, my opinion is that McGoverns has got nothing on The Celtic Knot. They didn’t even have curry fries!!! (And it seemed like anything that looked vaguely good was slathered in molten mozzarella… why?!??) I wasn’t too thrilled by their Irish coffee either. But, I had a great time chatting extensively about international travel, and all that kind of thing. So the company was great, even if the place was in no way exceptional.

Song: “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” by Chuck Berry

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