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Music Meme

So every so often on this internet thing these things called Memes happen. According to the experts, ‘meme’ “sounds a bit like ‘gene’”and “conveys the idea of a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.” Out in the … Continue reading

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Meet My Daughter, Felicity Pragmatics

To my horrible consternation, I was talking to someone yesterday, and had good cause to apply my linguistics knowledge by drawing the vowel chart, and I couldn’t do it. I had that thing up on my wall for years. So … Continue reading

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“It’s really weird…”

So I just got back from good ole E-Town. I got to hear Stephen Colbert give the commencement speech. You wouldn’t expect it, but “Commencement” comes from the Old French for “beginning.” I guess presumably because the end of college … Continue reading

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The God Who Sees Me

In the old testament, Hagar was the servant woman of Sarai, Abram’s wife. (Now Abram will later to become the patriarch Abraham, who we know and love). When God told Abram he would have a son who would become a … Continue reading

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For some reason, people often ask me variations on the question of “How is it you find time to X?” where X is something like cooking, baking, reading, or my latest crazy craft project. But people don’t tend to ask … Continue reading

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