For some reason, people often ask me variations on the question of “How is it you find time to X?” where X is something like cooking, baking, reading, or my latest crazy craft project. But people don’t tend to ask things like “How do you find time to maintain a blog?” or “How do you find time to maintain a facebook page?” I guess maybe that suggests that the first set of things are unusual? But I’m not usually accused of being normal. =P

I don’t know. How does one find time for breathing? Presumably it just sort of happens, even when you sleep. (Although, I guess I’m not yet bonded to baking to the point that it happens when I sleep…)

But time. And life. And 42.

So at one point on one of my more recent international plane flights, when I was an impressionable and captive audience, I had the unfortunate experience of watching a fairly unimpressive movie, about clones being harvested for their organs. Like a knock off of The Island, but set in a 1950s British boarding school. Basically there were two girls who were best friends, and a boy the one girl liked, but he ended up with the other girl. Then they all went their separate ways, until they re-found each other, and the other girl finally was like, no you two really love each other, go for it! And so they had a blissful time until they all had to donate their organs, and “completed,” or died, basically. Except the one main character girl didn’t have to do that yet, so I think it was supposed to be tragic and stuff. The film ends with her saying, “We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through, or feel we’ve had enough time.”
Clearly, this movie didn’t go over so well with me. But, if instead of looking at it as a film, I look at it as a set up for this epic quote at the end, it did a really great job! (Except for the fact that you really could have just said “‘complete’ is a code word for ‘die’. Now here’s a cool quote.” and it would have had about the same effect.)

But, the point is I can resound with the sentiment: We all complete, and maybe none of us feels like we have enough time.

On the other hand, I was just in Ten Thousand Villages, the local fair trade store, and I saw this really beautiful card there, with the quote “A butterfly counts life in moments, not months, and always has time enough.”

So what of our time, then?

I like famous philosophers, and there’s this great quote from Goethe, where he says “We’ve always time enough, if we but use it aright.” And I think that’s really true. And I may be wired a little differently than most people, but I like to slow down sometimes, and do things “the old way” or whatever. Like walking, or snail mail, or cooking from scratch. It might take longer, but it seems like time well spent to me.

I dunno. In our busy world I think we could all use a breather.

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  1. Peter says:

    ‘(Except for the fact that you really could have just said “‘complete’ is a code word for ‘die’. Now here’s a cool quote.” and it would have had about the same effect.)’ — LOL

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