“It’s really weird…”

So I just got back from good ole E-Town. I got to hear Stephen Colbert give the commencement speech. You wouldn’t expect it, but “Commencement” comes from the Old French for “beginning.” I guess presumably because the end of college indicates your beginning in the so called “real world.” (Relatedly, and much to my amusement, “diploma” just means “folded paper”…)

I got to hang out with a bunch of seniors/recent graduates, and it was cool to talk with them about what they were doing next. But lots of them voiced thoughts like “I don’t feel ready for this” or “Why didn’t people tell me it was going to be like this?”

Why indeed.

I’m not graduating (thank goodness), but I did just finish a job, and am about to start a new one tomorrow, so at least there’s a beginning. (Not to mention a variety of other “beginnings” that exist currently.) So why didn’t people tell me it was going to be like this?

I’ve never been terribly good a long range planning, or like “imagining my future” (whatever the heck that is), but I have to say, I didn’t really anticipate most of this, and it’s weird. I guess it’s a good thing I’m fairly decent at winging things, because as Stephen Colbert said “Life is improvisation.”

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2 Responses to “It’s really weird…”

  1. T3 says:

    I’m going to guess that a lot of people told you (and me and everyone else). You (and me and everyone else) probably weren’t listening, and even if a person is listening a college student has no experience to draw on that allows him (or her) to know what things are going to be like after graduation.


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