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Cosmic Displacement

At some point, I realised I was old, because I had stories to tell. I could bust out the story of getting delayed in Fiji, or eating Greek yogurt in Greece, or that time we took a door off its … Continue reading

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He who has cares…

Probably on the scale of things, I’m young. You know, one day I’d like to raise a family. Achievable dream for a young one, right? But wholey buckets, life is complicated. For instance, paperwork. I just started a new job, … Continue reading

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Jealous Kind

The other night I got really excited thinking about how God is jealous for us. Think about it – what beloved doesn’t wish for a lover so devoted? I remember this great story I heard, about a couple at a … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Artificial

They tell us all we must not eat the fake They tell us don’t consume synthetic stuff They say we’re sick because of this mistake And why can we not see past the cruel bluff? In the world we find … Continue reading

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Nameless, Faceless One

I am a nameless, faceless one, The one who brews your coffee I am a nameless, faceless one, The one you see here every day I am a nameless, faceless one, The one who makes your drink I am a … Continue reading

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Lately I’ve really been enjoying waffles. I blame that not on me though =P While I was contemplating this post though, I couldn’t think of how to make a theological point that included waffles (even though I did manage to … Continue reading

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Brutal Mortality

Once again we stand here at the death of a loved one, a death brought about by a wasting disease that afflicts some many others we care for. And so we face death again, death from disease. But, even more, … Continue reading

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