Jealous Kind

The other night I got really excited thinking about how God is jealous for us. Think about it – what beloved doesn’t wish for a lover so devoted?

I remember this great story I heard, about a couple at a bar with a bunch of people they knew, I think the story goes that they were playing darts or pool or something,- and now, you gotta understand that the lady is the extraverted sort, and the gentleman is the quiet, reserved type – and this random drunk guy starts hassling the lady. The gentleman, being the valiant sort, gets MAD at the drunk guy, and physically gets in there to protect his lady. Little, scrawny quiet dude, being that agitated over his Beloved. That. Is. Awesome.

Kind of reminds me of another story, about another gentle Man, who got MAD. (Mark 11:15-19) Jesus was mad that something was getting in the way of the affection between Him and His people, namely the moneychangers in the temple. He said “Is it not written,”My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations‘? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers‘.” And He, rather ungently, chucked them out.

I could hop on the other bandwagon of this passage, which I dearly love, but I’ll save that for later. Rather, let’s go back to the fact that our God is jealous for us. He is our Creator, so He knows us, and owns us. And again, we are doubly His, because we were bought back with the precious blood of Christ. In ancient times, slaveowners had the right of life over their slaves. How much more the Maker of Heaven and Earth over us? He has every right to our complete devotion.

And yet, often we’d “Rather feel the pain all too familiar, than be broken by a Lover I don’t understand…” Oh, we like to think our idols can help us. But I think that idols deceive us – they say they will solve a problem, but end up perpetuating the very thing they claim to solve. (Sort of reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin sees a commercial on tv , and comes away saying “Here’s a product I didn’t know that existed that solves a problem I didn’t know I had, so I need it.” Apologies that I can’t find the actual reference for that…)

In the beautiful words of one wise sister, Caving to the love of our Creator means agreeing that “He should overhaul our lives. And then He proceeds with the overhaul – ripping out the rotting parts and grafting in new ones in one constant operation that will endure for the rest of our lives.” Probably unpleasant, but surely for our good. After all, is He not also our Jehovah Rophecha, our Great Physician?

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