Season’s a-changin’

So here we are again, in the season of change itself. Yet, no longer does the turning of the leaves coincide with the turning of the school year. This is the first Fall that I’ve sailed from the coasts of change, to sail the seas of mundanity. I have a job where the big deal is that we are coming out with thus-and-such extravagantly priced drink for the fall season. Shock horror, my world is falling apart, because prices have gone up! No, really it’s considerable irrelevant. Sometimes people raise an eyebrow, but they still fork over their monies. Muahahaha.

On the other hand, we can consider something else. This pressing sense of what-the-heck-am-I-doing-next. You know the one? No? Lucky you. The other day I found this great pin that said “I have no idea what I do for a living.” It made me crack up laughing, so I bought it. And all y’all know the mantra “I don’t want to be a barista the rest of my life!” Oh, wait, who’s in control of that? Me. Ouch.

I want to do something with myself where my strengths are actually assets, instead of those-annoying-little-things-pxsarkany-does. I like to fix things and solve problems. This comes off as judgemental and critical. I like to know stuff, and find things out, but this comes off as too pushy or just plain unnecessary. I like ideas. But what do they have to do with coffee? Who cares that Mocha is actually a city in Yemen? I don’t mind working hard, and I like having a purpose. But this comes off as being driven and uncaring. I like thinking, so I can think about it and see all this. And my frustration mounts.

And mounts. I’m good at seeing problems. I see a problem. I’m (supposed to be) good at thinking and coming up with ideas, but gosh darn it, I’m getting thwarted, and as everyone is so pleased to point out, it’s my life, so aren’t I in control of it?

So instead of the crushing defeat of contemplating that, I will talk about clothes. Fall is a great time for fashion. I love earth tones, like olive and brown. I love boots, and leather, and corduroy, and jackets, and those ruffley things on coats. Plus, (unless it’s raining), the weather is perfect. You can bike without feeling like you were just at the sauna. You can eat hot food when you’re a bit chilly, but you can also still eat salads and chocolate ice cream.

So, now I’ll take a moment to give a shoutout to my favorite fashion designer, They make gorgeous handmade alt, punk, goth and lolita clothes. It’s handmade, it’s interesting, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and they keep coming out with new inventory. =D

Now, I know that the further north you live, the colder it gets, at least in this hemisphere. So fall must come sooner up there, and so not surprisingly they’re already busting out information about Halloween(!!!)

Here is a link to a pretty dress: Dress

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