Shelter Me

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. – Psalm 46:1

Project 86 has a song called “Shelter Me Mercury,” in which the one and the only Andrew Schwab pleads “Shelter me // With sweet escape // I’m looking for a place to run to // Shelter me // With sweet escape// I’m looking for a place to hide inside”

I know I get scared sometimes, and the world can be quite overwhelming. After all, as Monk says, “It’s a jungle out there.” Sometimes I try to escape. Occasionally this literally means getting on my bike and just going. Other times it means cracking the metal music, and eating something decadent containing chocolate, or cayenne, or (even better) both. And since I don’t have an Ipod anymore, listening to music has to happen near the computer. One thing leads to another, and I tend to end up on the internet.

Now, as we all know, the internet is really a series of tubes , and then of course you have Youtube, and that other tube that people watch (though not so much anymore, I think). The Tube was called the tube because it contained vacuum tubes. And the older ones would often have mercury tilt switches as well. Oh, and you know that sweet LCD screen you have there? That has mercury in it too.

The other part of the song says “Shelter me with mercury vials // Escape is the machine to // Shelter me with media tablets…” Clearly, this could apply quite well to many kinds of those Tubes I mentioned, and we haven’t even made the connection to Ipads yet.

But, the summary of the song is really found in the lines: “Don’t bother me with details // don’t bore me with what’s real // Distraction’s all I need all I need to // Shelter me…” Surely, there is plenty of entertainment out there to keep us distracted for years upon years.

Now, from my poking about, I think P86 is being sarcastic. Escapism can still be a harmful thing. And yet…When we are faced with horror, where can we go? As the oldies song goes “Better better run, better take cover.” Here I am, and still “I’m looking for a place to run to // Shelter me”. I’m starting to remember : Where can I go…? Where can I flee…? Where can I take true refuge?

Oh, to rush to the Mighty One, my strong Deliverer, under whose wings I might take refuge! He is Adonai Machsi, the LORD my Refuge. He Himself is my Shelter.

Thus, to Him, may I cry “Shelter me!”

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