And that’s why we root for the All Blacks.

First of all, I would like to point out that I don’t really follow sports. I mean, I think the Vikings play football? But seriously. The other day I was listening to the car radio, and they talked about baseball, and I was like…. oh… yeah… That is a sport that people actually play, it’s not just for folk songs.

I would say I’m a fan of the Cubs – I’m not from the South Side, so that rules out the Sox, and the Cubs’ logo is better anyway – but rumor has it they’re pretty useless. In college, I went [read: was forcibly dragged] to one football (which we lost). And then I watched another one (which we also lost). Northwestern was good at Lacrosse, but who watches Lacrosse, for cryin out loud?

Now, to side track, for a moment, let me tell you about the silver fern. It’s a native New Zealand plant, kinda fluffy and greenish, but shiny on the underside. In Maori culture, it was used at night to help mark the path, being shiny and all. But particularly, I’m told, it was used by warriors, to point the way to the enemy. So if you were wandering about the forest at night, and you came across a silver fern pointing your way, it meant all the warriors were coming for YOU!

Now, back on track here, sports. So, I find myself attending to the Rugby World Cup. It’s being held in New Zealand this year, and the NZ team is the All Blacks. The All Blacks logo is the silver fern. The Fern of DOooooooooooooooooom. They set it up real good with the Haka, chanting words that mean “‘Tis death // ‘Tis death // ‘Tis life // ‘Tis life…” We gonna beat you down and kills you. Roughly speaking.

And, I just have to say, take that, Aussies. NZ has totally dominated every game, from smashing Tonga 41 to 10, Japan 83 to 7, right down to whomping Australia 20 to six.

And that’s why we root for the All Blacks.

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1 Response to And that’s why we root for the All Blacks.

  1. LOL! Yay, kiwis. And re-transplanted pseudo-kiwis.

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