Now, I understand that quantum physics is somewhat controversial. It renders at least one of two classical notions of physics “untenable: Distant events do not affect one other, and properties we wish to observe exist before our measurements. One of these, locality or realism, must be fundamentally incorrect.” (Here).

I could get all philosophical, and talk about how relativism is crap, and postmodernism is crap, and how God is perfectly omniscient. Maybe one day I’ll blog about those things. But for right now, it’s really really too bad that locality is not fundamentally incorrect. Otherwise I could just tap into quantum physics, sort of like they do in A Wrinkle in Time, and take me and all my stuff 400 miles instantly and conveniently.

Silly Quantum Mechanics, teleportation is for pxsarkany!

When Ghost came up and visited, we had some friends over for lunch. One was a fellow TCK. For example, he cracked up laughing when someone proposed that I could “travel the world!” Yeah. Done that just a little, eh? On the way out, I was talking about my move, and how I was “looking forward to not traveling anymore.” My friend rightly said “You don’t get to do that til you go Home!” Man, why do you gotta be right all the time?? (Already, Brian H has given me his “permission- and blessing!” to come back and visit…)

On the other hand, I was down visiting Ghost over the weekend, and we hung out with his family, celebrated someone’s birthday and so on. When his dad and I were making lasagna, I talked about how L&P got to hang out with my parents every weekend. He said we could do that. Later he said “Maybe next time you come home you’ll stay long enough to make pizza.”

I’m game.

Your people shall be my people, and your country’s people shall be my land.

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