Social Change

So about four if not five years or six ago, when I was in undergrad, one guy – let’s call him Ace – who’s very dynamic and charismatic, and I respect a lot, told us this epic history of Western Civilization, walking us through wave of social change after wave of social change. His conclusion was that we were long overdue for a social revolution. At the time I felt the same way. If there had been some kind of major grassroots social movement I totally would have wanted to join. I echoed Trollyherdsman’s sentiments: “I want to direct my grass-roots effort and my youthful anger in the right direction.” But no such thing just was happening in my corner of the world. In fact, I distinctly remember that the one “protest” we did see on campus was actually staged because people were filming for a project.

So now, fast forward. I’ve graduated, I’ve moved away from Chi-town and back, I’ve gotten married, and I’m gainfully employed. It’s kind of like I’m a responsible adult or something. -.-

Needless to say, I’m a little bit impressed and a little bit bummed that such a movement is happening, now in this time, now that I have little interest in boarding that train anymore.

We’re experiencing a social movement, and I missed it!!

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2 Responses to Social Change

  1. Daniel says:

    I kind of feel like OWS is kind of just a movement for the point of a movement though. It seems like a lot of people agree with you that they want to be part of a social revolution, and that’s primarily why they’re protesting. Hence the incoherent goals of the movement. Real social change is primarily accomplished by movements with goals 🙂

  2. pxsarkany says:

    See, that’s what I thought about the Occupy Movement at first as well. And I guess that may be true of Occupy Wall Street, but it certainly seems like several occupy movements have clear goals (such as Occupy Auckland, in New Zealand:

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