The Rings: “Remember when you were slaves in Egypt”


My aunt tells me we come from a long line of preachers. I’m not sure quite how far back that line goes, but I do know that my grandma is a preacher up in the Upper Peninsula.

A while back we were up there for her birthday, and we stayed to hear her preach. Her sermon, I’m sure, had many points, but the main one I remember was a call to remember. In the Law there are many commands. I’m sure you know the litany of laws: “Do not steal”, “don’t eat such and such”, “avoid this and that”, and so on. Yet multiple times these commands are given with a reason: “Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and the LORD your God redeemed you. That is why I give you this command today.”
Remember. Remember.

We were at a wedding recently where the officiant said something to this effect “As a circle has no beginning and no end, so this ring will symbolize your unending love for one another.” Let me straighten this out. I dearly love my husband. But I am not married to him forever – simply ’til death do us part.

The circular band is not a symbol of our eternal love for one another, for all flesh is grass, and all its beauty like the flowers of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, the wind blows and they are gone, remembered no more.

But the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him. As eternal and endless as a circle, so is Christ’s undying love for us.

I remember the day my Ghost-man got down on one knee in front of me. He picked a fabulous ring: subtle and non-ostentatious, white gold, with three stones. So when we went to pick wedding bands it was natural for us to seek something in the same vein.

We went back and forth debating metals. He really liked the idea of titanium rings. I wanted platinum, or at least a stripe of it, because reasons. I reasoned that it was important that we remember what God had done for us, and platinum would help me remember. Ghost was mighty uncomfortable at first. I made the analogy to the Israelites remembering when they were slaves in Egypt. Remembering where we have come from helps us remember God’s goodness.

So we looked and looked at rings. Titanium ones, platinum ones, ones with platinum stripes. What we discovered of course, is that platinum is very expensive, and that most people don’t deal in platinum or titanium, and certainly not both in the same ring.

He warmed up to the idea of a ring with a stripe, and I was convinced away from platinum. After much scouring of EVERYRINGPLACEEVAR!!!, we finally discovered the Titanium Knights. This husband and wife team had more than enough rings for us to drool over. We didn’t have to search for striped rings, and instead could jump right to deciding which finish and which stripe style we liked best. We were ready to order the rings before we even had a venue secured!

So even though the pinstripes on our rings are not platinum they still serve as a reminder of what this mighty God of ours, who brought us out of our own Egypts that we might serve Him in freedom, has done. Stripes remind us of what He bore for our salvation. May we never forget His goodness to us.

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