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The Rings: “Remember when you were slaves in Egypt”

My aunt tells me we come from a long line of preachers. I’m not sure quite how far back that line goes, but I do know that my grandma is a preacher up in the Upper Peninsula. A while back … Continue reading

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Social Change

So about four if not five years or six ago, when I was in undergrad, one guy – let’s call him Ace – who’s very dynamic and charismatic, and I respect a lot, told us this epic history of Western … Continue reading

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Here comes the Danger (Hey-o)

The other night I had a dream that I was in a movie theatre with a variety of creatures including a large red dragon. This theatre, and the one nextdoor had giant openings where the screen would normally be, and … Continue reading

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Being Caught By Ourselves

“I’ve seen the darkest things // crawling inside of me // I’ve seen the monsters come alive…” – Daylight to Break, Switchfoot Listen to your heart! Truth comes from within! Follow your dreams! You are your own best friend! Do … Continue reading

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O that with yonder sacred throng…

So the other day I was craving caraway, like in the form of caraway rye bread. So finally when I got around to it, I went down to Devon Market, and bought some “Baltic Caraway Rye” bread. I ate it … Continue reading

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The End Where I…

Today I rode on a borrowed bike across the street I grew up on, to bike through the neighborhoods of my childhood to drop off fresh bread at Ghost’s house. That is what they call trippy. As the Script would … Continue reading

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At the hand of the Master

My hand is more steady than an earthly surgeon’s knife My heart loves more deeply than any earthly father‘s My zeal burns more jealously than any earthy lover’s rage Child, why then do you fear?

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“Basically, everyone is always living in a vague and more or less conscious hope of someday receiving something for which he had never dared ask…” – Paul Tournier But, nevertheless, every year, I’m plagued with people asking me for a … Continue reading

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Igniting a what now?

So I’m taking this Perspectives class, which is pretty interesting, all things considered. And at class a few weeks ago they gave a magazine with this on the cover: I admit, the image of sheep on fire just doesn’t strike … Continue reading

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My mind is possessed by this obsessive rattling, Wherein I can see what I want to do – But not the way to get there.

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